Businesses need online reviews to stand out. WikiReviews helps businesses on how to get them.

Send a text. Get a review. It is so easy.

Here is how it works:

1. set up Google and facebook links in "Settings" -> "Company settings".

Please note that you have to setup Google my business or facebook business page to use this feature.

Here is the article on how to get Google my business url:

Here is the article on how to get Facebook business url:

2. Request Review

There is a "Request review" button in chat screen. Click "Request review" button and it shall send review request to your customer.

You can connect WikiPro with Google or facebook. This enables you to manage and reply your Google/facebook reviews in one easy to use and powerful platform. We believe in easy setup. It takes less than one minute to connect your Google or facebook with WikiPro.

Here is how to set up review managements.

1. In Reviews, in Google tab, click "Connect to GMB" button. Follow the screen to allow access to your Google my business location.

2. In reviews, in Facebook tab, click "Continue with Facebook" button. Follow the screens to allow access to your facebook business.

Once this is setup, you can view and reply the Google or facebook reviews in WikiPro web app. There is no need to manage your reviews in multiple places.