WikiPro is about Professionals (staff) to Client communication. 

Topics are where your staff members and your clients communicate. Each group chat is organized with a topic. 

For Example, "Home purchase" is a topic where your staff and your client can talk about home purchase.

In another example, "Payroll" is a topic where staffs and clients are handling payroll .

At the signup, we have pre-defined topics for each professionals.

However, the topic can be defined by yourself. Topic name should be short and precise.

All about topics

  • They can be organized by staff, project, or whatever else is relevant to you.
  • Staff members can be set as a member of a topic, this can be done in "Settings" -> "Topic Management".
  • Client can be added to a topic. All staff members with permission for the topic will be able to communicate with the client.
  • Threads allow for focused and organized side conversations within topics.