Great question. Why not?

There are many great tools out there. But none of them do what WikiPro does.

WikiPro is used between professionals and clients.  

Let's talk for each of alternatives for a little bit:

  1. Slack. Slack is used for team collaboration within one organization.  You can not use Slack for professional to client communication as It is crossing the one organization boundary. Plus Slack charges per user. A typical professional office has 1000 clients. This gets very expensive.
  2. WhatsApp. WhatsApp is used for person to person communication.
  3. Email. Email is hard to organize, slow to respond and difficult to use.
  4. Phone. While it is good to talk, you can not share file over the phone. Phone conversation is lost after phone call is ended.

You can think WikiPro = Slack + Whatsapp.